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Our mission is to better promote an awareness and appreciation of Scottish culture, and its significant contribution to the fabric of Canadian society and identity through widespread public engagement among as many Canadians of all backgrounds as possible.

The Role of the Society:

More than five million Canadians claim Scottish heritage. Scots helped settle eastern Ontario and build vibrant communities named after the places they left behind – Glengarry County, Perth, Renfrew. But the waves of immigration that created a blood link between Canada and Scotland crested in the 1960s and 1970s. The emigrants who brought their love of Scottish music, dance, history, sport and literature are growing fewer and with them fades the Celtic connection. The Scottish Society of Ottawa has been founded to revive and rejuvenate those historic links. Through special events and educational programs, we want to expose more Canadians to our shared history and tell the story of Scotland in the 21st century – a modern nation state that was well staged to vote on independence in the fall of 2014.

The Society’s inaugural event took place on New Year’s Eve 2012 – a Hogmanay street party at Ottawa City Hall that aimed to replicate the excitement of Edinburgh’s world famous party as the clock strikes midnight and we enter a new year. The evening is a family-friendly mix of traditional and contemporary Scottish music, Highland dancing, Scotch tasting sessions, enlivened by Scottish food and drink.  The hope is that this event grows to become an Ottawa institution. The goal is to create and support events of interest to many areas of the Celtic arts.

The Scottish Society of Ottawa Board of Directors

  • Chair - George Brown

  • Vice-Chair - Perry McConnell

  • Executive Director - Donna MacDonald

  • Treasurer - Christine Martel

  • Secretary - Benjamin Burns